Daily Post: Kick It

Daily Prompt:

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

The Bucket List

The Bucket List

Today’s question is very specific. It not only refers to a specific list item, it also assumes everyone has a bucket list and also that people have at least eleven items on their list. I meet none of these criteria. Therefore, my answer is… I have no 11th item on my bucket list.

I have never considered writing a list. Even after seeing The Bucket List (which was a great movie) with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman I didn’t have much of an interest. While thinking about this prompt I was able to come up with a few items for a potential list. These are to travel to Australia and the South Pacific, visit Alaska, and learn a second language. Nothing else immediately comes to mind. Having a bucket list does sound like an interesting idea. I am going to add that to my “to-do” list and I will post the list here when I complete it. Too bad this prompt did not come before yesterday’s Resolve prompt, it might have enticed me to make my first New Year’s resolution…to make a bucket list.

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