Daily Post: Ripped from the Headlines!

Daily Prompt: Head to your favorite online news source. Pick an article with a headline that grabs you. Now, write a short story based on the article. 

My favorite “online” news source is actually not on the web, it is an app on my iPhone called Zite. It is a news aggregation service that learns what you like based on a topic list you create as well as your feedback of like/dislike when you read news articles.

The first headline that caught my attention was “The NRA launches a target-practice shooting app on iOS…for ages 4+” from thenextweb.com

My first reaction to this is Really? Really? (See previous post on use of “really”)

Do I really need to write a story about a group of people with bad timing who are in need for some sensitivity training? No matter what your politics on the issue of gun control, it’s only been a month since the massacre in Newtown. What’s the rush to launch this game? It’s almost as insensitive as the New Hampshire Association of  Chiefs of Police’s decision to move forward with their raffle of 31 guns. Maybe it’s time we all start thinking about what effect our actions may have on others.

One thought on “Daily Post: Ripped from the Headlines!

  1. Timing and tact. Those are two things most people seem to be lacking these days. I believe the NRA is launching it specifically at this time, they probably didn’t even start developing it until after the Newtown tragedy, to stir the pot to drum up support and to try and make their point that rather than fearing guns we need to be educating people on them from an early age. If we can create a culture of respect then maybe the number of tragedies like this will go down? (I’m not condoning or condemming their actions.)

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